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An Expert’s Quick Guide to Diabetes Mellitus

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Published 2015 (AACC Publication
William E. Winter
2015, 181 pages, softcover
ISBN: 9781594251825

An Expert’s Quick Guide to Diabetes Mellitus includes the basics of what laboratorians need to know about the pathophysiology, etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, and clinical management of diabetes. Topics also include measuring glucose, managing diabetic crises, and the laboratory evaluation of the person with diabetes. This Guide complements the Quick Guide to Endocrinology that addressed the clinical presentation, pathophysiology, and laboratory testing of common endocrinologic problems.

Caring for patients with diabetes affects all aspects of the medical field, from obstetrics to geriatrics. Thus, understanding the basic biochemistry and physiology of beta cells and insulin-responsive tissues is critically important for laboratorians. Because diabetes is one of the most common, chronic diseases in the world, the information contained in this Guide is relevant to the entire gamut of students and medical professionals, including graduate students, medical students, medical technologists, laboratorians, laboratory supervisors, clinicians, and researchers.


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