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Pediatric Reference Intervals (7th Edition)

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Published 2011 (AACC Publication), 304pp
Edited by Steven J. Soldin, Edward C. Wong, Carlo Brugnara, and Offie P. Soldin

The seventh edition of Pediatric Reference Intervals is a valuable reference providing instant and accurate reference intervals for over 250 chemistry and hematology analytes in an alphabetized, user-friendly format. Changes to this edition include:

• New analytes in the Chemistry section, including C-peptide, haptoglobin, and insulin;
• New analytes in the Hematology section, including hemoglobin A, hemoglobin A2, hemoglobin F, immature platelet fraction, and reticulocyte hemoglobin equivalent;
• Addition of reference intervals for steroids, free thyroxine, and free triiodothyronine measured by tandem mass spectrometry; and
• Addition of reference intervals employing new platforms such as the Abbott Architect® ci8200 and the Roche cobas® 6000 analyzer.

Since the first edition was published in 1995, Pediatric Reference Intervals (formerly Pediatric Reference Ranges) has been a must-have for clinical chemists, hematologists, pathologists, endocrinologists, and pediatricians. It enhances interpretation of patient results, allows comparison of test results using different methods, and helps optimize patient care.

Pediatric Reference Intervals provides the following information:
• Age- and sex-related reference ranges;
• Methodology;
• Type of specimen;
• References;
• Statistical basis;
• Population sources; and
• In most cases, SI units.


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