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Point-of-Care Testing: Making Innovation Work for Patient-Centered Care

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Published 2012, (AACC Publication),
160pp spiral binding
Christopher P. Price and Andrew St John

Two of the major talking points in healthcare today are how to make healthcare more patient-centered and how to use innovative technology more effectively. The authors explore these issues for point-of-care testing (POCT) and how it can be used to deliver better health outcomes for patients, as well as for purchasers and providers of healthcare.

Health reform is now a focus of attention in most countries in the world for a number of reasons:

•Access to care can be limited due to disability, distance, and/or inability to pay.
•Service is fragmented and disconnected.
•Error rates are unacceptable.
•Evidence and adherence to guidelines are poor.
•Services are based on a fee-for-service rather than fee-for-outcome.
•Patient experience is poor.
This is not a book about the technology of POCT, but rather how to use POCT to address many of the problems that arise from disjointed services and delays in delivering vital information, such as medical test results, to the point of care.

Point-of-Care Testing: Making Innovation Work for Patient-Centered Care illustrates how:

•Managers and policymakers can identify inefficiency and ineffectiveness in a service.
•Services can be redesigned through the use of a care pathway-based approach.
•Physicians and other caregivers can make decisions and take action at the first point of contact with the patient.
•More care can be delivered in the home and in primary care.
•Hospital referrals can be reduced.
•Hospital discharges can be managed more effectively.
•Patients can take more responsibility for their own care.


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