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Point-of-Care Testing: Needs, Opportunity, and Innovation (3rd Edition)
Edited by: Christopher P. Price, Andrew St John, and Larry J. Kricka
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Written by an international list of contributors, this book gives you the latest developments in the rapidly growing field of point-of-care testing (POCT).

Published 2010 (AACC Publication), 5938pp
Christopher P. Price, Andrew St John, and Larry J. Kricka

Point-of-care testing (POCT) is now considered a key enabler of reform and quality improvement in healthcare. Written by an international list of authors, this book brings together:

* A distillation of the key challenges in healthcare today, including the move to patient-centered care
* Analytical principles of POCT technology and the new developments in this field
* How to manage an effective POCT service in a changing environment
* Applications of POCT in a range of clinical settings and the improved outcomes that results from POCT.
* A discussion of the challenges of translating innovative technology in the complex environment of healthcare, and the leading role that POCT will play in transforming healthcare delivery.

The technological developments described in this book demonstrate how all in vitro tests can potentially be delivered at the point of care in the future. The challenge for developer, manufacturer, purchaser, provider and user is to determine which tests will offer the greatest benefit and address the challenges of healthcare delivery. As a disruptive technology, experience indicates that the biggest challenge for all stakeholders will be transforming the practice of healthcare in order to generate these benefits. This is a ‘must read’ book for all developers and manufacturers of POCT technology, those who develop healthcare policy, those who purchase or commission healthcare services, and those who will use this innovative technology.


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