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Applying Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Published in 2009, 270pp
Christopher P. Price, Joanne Lozar Glenn & Robert H. Christenson

New AACC Book for 2009

This workbook offers a step-by-step guide to applying the principles of evidence-based laboratory medicine (EBLM) in routine practice.

The term "evidence-based" is increasingly becoming part of the language in the practice of clinical medicine, and in laboratory medicine. In laboratory medicine, it is also becoming clear that the "evidence" differs somewhat from that on which the specialty was founded. The foundation of laboratory medicine is an understanding of the molecular mechanisms that describe the pathology of disease, but in applying this knowledge to patient care the emphasis moves from understanding disease mechanisms to improving health outcomes.

By applying EBLM to daily practice, laboratory professionals can
Ensure appropriate use of tests at the requesting, decision-making, and application phases.
Make the business case for implementing new diagnostic tools and strategies that meet clinical needs.
Become full members of the clinical team and take an important role in implementing change.
The key is understanding the question being asked-and then applying the A5 EBLM Cycle: Ask, Acquire, Appraise, Apply, Assess.


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