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Neonatology and Laboratory Medicine

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Published 2003
Anne Green, Imogen Morgan and Jim Gray


This book brings together those aspects of laboratory medicine that are particularly relevant to the investigation and management of the neonate. It has been expanded from the very popular first edition 'Neonatology and Clinical Biochemistry' and now includes chapters on haematology and infection as well as an expanded clinical biochemistry section.

This is a basic handbook intended to be used by laboratory scientists, junior doctors, neonatal nurses and other professionals involved in the care of neonates. It provides information and a practical approach to the management of common problems in the neonate, as well as an overview of the investigation of some rarer conditions.


1. Neonatology for the non-specialist
2. Laboratory services
3. Pregnancy and delivery
4. Water, sodium and potassium
5. Acid-base disorders
6. Jaundice
7. Hypo- and hyperglycaemia
8. Calcium, phosphate and magnesium
9. Neonatal screening
10. Inherited metabolic disorders
11. Haematological disorders
12. Neonatal infections
13. Infection control
14. Breast feeding
15. Parenteral nutrition
16. Drugs and the neonate


A. Routine specimen collection
B. Guidelines for the emergency specimen collection for the diagnosis of inherited metabolic disorders
C. Suggested laboratory investigation of sudden unexpected death in infancy
D. Diagnosis and management of neonatal hydrops


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